The Bluestocking Review

You know that whole bit about “balancing faith, family, and writing?” Well, today was definitely a test of that. Last night, I’d planned to write this blog post today, but today had other plans. I’d anticipated down time in which to write, but my day ended up being busy with work, house-hunting stressors (don’t getContinue reading “The Bluestocking Review”

April Fools’?

April has decided to begin by gracing us with a beautiful day! The sun is shining, the sky a bright blue. After several days of rain, rain, and more rain (oh, and tornado watches), it’s a welcomed change. The kicker? It. Is. COLD. Classic April 1. Can’t have it all, I suppose. I’ve been quietContinue reading “April Fools’?”

A Little Inspo

If you write or simply enjoy reading a good book, ever feel like a particular song or album just…fits? I do. In fact, four out of the five novels I’ve written/am currently writing have attached themselves to their own little “soundtrack” in my mind. It’s varied for me each time. Sometimes, I hear a songContinue reading “A Little Inspo”

To New Endings

I think all of us can say that 2020 has been a year to remember. There’s been so many unprecedented events that, well, our world has turned upside down in many ways. I hope the majority of them are temporary (although I am a fan of all the curbside pick-up options–those can stick around). IContinue reading “To New Endings”

Winning by Defeat

Yes, you read that right: Defeat not Default. But more on that in a moment… Let me start off by saying what an honor it is to have you visiting my little corner of world-wide-web! If you’re reading this, please know that I’m extremely grateful for you and hope you are entertained and inspired byContinue reading “Winning by Defeat”