The Bluestocking Review

You know that whole bit about “balancing faith, family, and writing?” Well, today was definitely a test of that. Last night, I’d planned to write this blog post today, but today had other plans. I’d anticipated down time in which to write, but my day ended up being busy with work, house-hunting stressors (don’t get me started), a family dinner, and a husband kindly filling me in on all the new Apple products revealed in their Spring Event 😉 It seemed that every time I sat down ready to type, an interruption occured.

But isn’t that life? The good, the bad. The easy, the difficult. Balance.

And so, here I sit at 11:00 pm on a Friday night…writing. Balancing.

As a novice writer (did I mention busy?), I have no real clue on how to market a book. Slap a few Facebook and Amazon ads up here, whisper about your book to a few friends there, run some price promos, and hope for the best.

Let’s face it–I’m doing this because I enjoy it. It’s my hobby, not my career (although if it took off, I wouldn’t complain–ha!). So I’m perfectly content with a handful of ratings and a couple of sales per month because I thoroughly enjoy writing and seeing my own work listed online.


…When Christian Fiction blogger The Bluestocking stumbled across my book and left a 5-star rating, what did I do?

I squealed. Stared in disbelief. Scoured her blog to convince myself she was legitimate. Followed said blog. Pondered on it for weeks. And finally–reached out and asked if she would be willing to write a review on it.


And here it is, folks. My day has been made. And this is by far my favorite line:

Add to that a brooding male lead, a brave heroine, and some like-seriously-bring-a-fan swoony kisses and this was easily a five star read for me!

A bit about Victoria, “The Bluestocking”:

My name is Victoria, I’m a 26 years old and proud to be born and raised in New Zealand. I’m a Hotel Receptionist/Makeup-Artist/Facepainter/Christian-Fiction-Reading-Fanatic! While other people get excited about celebrities like movies stars or athletes; I get excited when an author likes my Facebook comment, I’m over the moon if they reply to my email, and don’t even get me started on how excited I get over a signed book!

I was homeschooled, and I know what you’re thinking, but don’t worry I’m not one of the weird ones, I sometimes talk to people and occaissionally leave the house… It was my parents who installed in me a love for books. I was always surrounded by them growing up and both my parents would read stories aloud to my siblings and I.

I’m a big history buff, hence historical fiction is my favourite genre. I’m just so fascinated with how people used to live in times so different than ours. Once I read Jane Austen’s Pride and Prejudice I was completely sold on romance books! Every book I read needs to contain at least a smidge of romance to make it worth my while.

I read Christian fiction because it is just so full of hope and God’s truths. Each book teaches me about a different aspect of God while also being an analogy of God and His great love for us. I hope to share on this blog not just some great reads but also all the awesome things these books teach me about God.

Lastly you’re probably wondering about the name, why’s it called The Bluestocking? Well I’m glad you asked. A bluestocking was a Jane Austen era term for a woman that was bookish or intellectual. At the time it wasn’t a complimentary term, a woman that spent her time reading and learning was not valued. I chose the name because we are blessed to live during a time and in a society where intellectual women are celebrated and valued, and if the term was still used today it would be a compliment.

So if you are still with me, I look forward to sharing my love of books with you and I hope you’ll catch the bug and become a Christian-Fiction-Reading-Fanatic too!

I hope you will check out The Bluestocking blog and give it a read. If you enjoy Christian or Inspirational Romance, be sure to follow her for new recs!

Happy reading,


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Wife, mother, Christian, employee, writer. Life may sometimes feel like a juggling act, but I'm learning to enjoy the ride. Thank you for joining me on this journey to balance faith, family, and...writing.

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