A Little Inspo

If you write or simply enjoy reading a good book, ever feel like a particular song or album just…fits? I do. In fact, four out of the five novels I’ve written/am currently writing have attached themselves to their own little “soundtrack” in my mind.

It’s varied for me each time. Sometimes, I hear a song and think Wow, that would make a great storyline! Others, I’m working on the story already when I hear a song that fits perfectly. Sometimes it’s the lyrics, but not always. It may simply be a single phrase or the overall feel of the music. But whatever the reason, once it’s there, it stays–and my story now has it’s own little anthem.

It can be the furthest thing from that particular literary genre…but that’s the beauty of the arts. The styles may change over time, but it’s the emotions, the thoughts conveyed that are timeless.

I thought it would be fun to let you all in on what music I found inspiring as I make each novel available. You may think the songs I connected with are terrible. You may think Really, Kate? That doesn’t fit your work at all! But that’s okay, because it’s my imagination and I’m in charge there. ~grin~

My mental playlist for An Impossible Choice was brought to me by none other than the Backstreet Boys (swoon). I have a *very* wide taste in music, but BSB is one of those bands that I grew up with that has stayed a constant favorite. I had the opportunity to go see them in concert in 2019 (remember those things?) and they tied with Imagine Dragons for the number one ranking of my favorite concert ever.

In the case of Damon’s and Argel’s story, I was listening to the DNA album when inspiration struck. In particular, the song “Passionate” brought Damon’s character to life for me and everything grew from there. “Nobody Else” showed me Damon’s need to be the object of Argel’s love. And “Chances” inspired the restaurant scene in the hotel. What were the chances that the woman he’d barely met, but couldn’t forget would be working there? Not to mention the odds that she was his enemy’s niece.

The rest of the album may not have any specific ties to An Impossible Choice, but I will forever associate DNA with the story.

I hope you’ve enjoyed this little “fun fact” about me and writing. I’ve always said it’s weird how my mind works–but it works. Now, “Don’t Go Breaking My Heart” and forget to read An Impossible Choice if you haven’t yet. And stay tuned–Wynny’s story is coming!

Published by Kate Rolin, Author

Wife, mother, Christian, employee, writer. Life may sometimes feel like a juggling act, but I'm learning to enjoy the ride. Thank you for joining me on this journey to balance faith, family, and...writing.

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